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Poligrāfijas Apgāds (POLAP) Ltd. is one of the largest printing material, paper and photo products wholesale trade company in Latvia. The enterprise is one of the largest and oldest in Latvia. We are proud about our long-term partners, experienced team and stable results.

POLAP was founded in 1993 on the basis of privatized state-owned company, thereby inheriting business experience since 1946. This experience, as well as permanent team and management of family inheritance, we consider as core values of POLAP.

POLAP is the only industry's leading enterprise owned by local businessmen.  We truly care not only about sold paper and printing material amount. We once took part in the creation of printing industry, which now boasts of its export potential. And we will continue to be patriots!

 POLAP is proud about its wide product assortment. We can supply printing enterprises not only with paper and printing materials. We have everything that the industry might need, and very convenient in one place. In our stock in Riga one can purchase different kinds of paper and cardboard, inks, printing equipment maintenance means, chemical auxiliary materials, offset plates and offset rubber, foils, bookbinding materials, large format and digital printing materials, etc.

POLAP also is the leading company in photo product wholesale. We  provide Latvian photo labs with materials for high quality picture printing.  As wholesaler we offer wide range of newest products of digital technologies, qualitative photo albums and frames of modern design from leading European manufacturers.

POLAP is proud of its long-term and stable relationships with its suppliers. We are sure in our choice, we enjoy the benefits of stability, rather than continue to search something new. Since 1994 POLAP is cooperating with KODAK but the Contract of belonging to the world's leading paper manufacturers and dealers group Igepa signed in 2003 ensure that we are not only independent, but also sure about our future.

Thanks to our experience gained over many years of work and our financial capabilities, we feel confident and stable in our relationships with suppliers and in our ability to provide customers with top quality products for best price.

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